Privacy Policy

Protecting you from loss is important to Nevada Mutual. Just as important to us is
protecting your privacy and the personal information we use to provide you with
superior products and service.

At Nevada Mutual, our policy is to maintain appropriate confidentiality with regard
to all personal information obtained in the course of doing business with you.
Our pledge to protect your privacy is reflected in this Privacy Statement which
outlines our principles in collecting, using and safeguarding your personal
information and information about your relationship with us.

Personal Information Nevada Mutual Collects
Nevada Mutual only collects personal information about you when it is necessary to
conduct the business of insurance. We limit the collection of personal
information to what we reasonably believe is needed to administer your account.
As a result, we collect personal information from the following sources:

  • Personal information you share with us either directly or through your agent,
    such as the information on your insurance application, requested policy change
    information or other forms you may complete.
  • Personal information you provide or which is obtained through the process of
    handling a claim, including medical information, such as from an accident
  • Personal information about you from your transactions with us, our affiliates
    or others such as the number of years you have been a policyholder with
    Nevada Mutual or the types of coverage you purchase.
  • Personal information about you from a consumer reporting agency, such as a
    credit report or a Motor Vehicle Report. The information in these reports may
    be retained by the consumer reporting agency and disclosed to others.

Personal Information Nevada Mutual Discloses
Nevada Mutual does not disclose any personal information about current or former
customers to anyone, except as permitted by law. We may disclose the personal
information we collect as follows:

  • To consumer reporting agencies for the purposes of obtaining a credit report or
    a Motor Vehicle Report in order to determine eligibility for coverage or to
    process your requested transaction.
  • To your insurance agent to allow them to perform their normal insurance related
    services for you.
  • To medical professionals in order to process your claim.
  • To an insurance regulatory authority pursuant to an examination of our records
    or business practices.
  • To law enforcement or other government agency as required by law or to report
    suspected fraud activities.
  • To actuarial or research organizations to conduct studies regarding claims
    results and insurance practices provided that no individual is identified in
    any study or report.
  • To our affiliates for processing or marketing of our insurance related products
    or services.
  • To group policyholders for the purpose of reporting claims experience or
    conducting an audit of our operations.

When possible, we advise our vendors and other nonaffiliated third parties, to
whom we legally provide your personal information in the course of conducting
our insurance business, of our privacy policy. We make every effort to use
vendors whose approach to customer privacy reflects our own.